Wendt & Kühn Welt


Client: Wendt & Kühn

The world of Wendt & Kühn provides a unique brand experience. In the “showroom” (Musterzimmer) the history of the company is presented including the famous antique cupboard containing the first figures made by the founders. In the “world of experience” it is possible to get an insight into the manufacturing process and test one’s skills for this fine craftsmanship. The retail area features the complete product range.
The basic principle of the interior design was to give the figures a stage. The fit out is formally dominated by clear geometric shapes and the grey colour provides a perfect background for the colourful paintings of the products. The room layout of the old building has been radically changed by apertures so that the visitors can move freely through the areas.

All works accomplished for Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau

Category: interior design

Images: Heinrich Müller