We are a design company specializing in product design as well as interior design. Our typical product design projects include furniture, package design and luxury goods accessories. The scope of our interior design works reaches from residential and representative business areas to retail and hotels.

Andrea Horezky

Andrea Horezky

Degreed engineer interior architecture
+49 351 418 90 441 

  • 1982 Born in Dresden
  • 2010 degree in interior architecture, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
  • 2010 Interanton, Halle and KLM Architects, Leipzig: freelance
  • 2012 Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Dresden: freelance
  • 2015 founding Bensch Horezky, Dresden
  • 2016 assistent professor for interior architecture, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Gabriel Bensch

Gabriel Bensch

Degreed product designer
+49 351 418 90 442 

  • 1973 Born in Berlin
  • 2005 degree in product design, University of the Arts, Berlin
  • 2005 Büro Staubach, Berlin: freelance
  • 2006 f/p design, Frankfurt a. M.: freelance
  • 2006 Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau: employee
  • 2015 founding Bensch Horezky, Dresden



Bensch Horezky

The fundamental base for our design process is always the customer´s individual needs. We are in constant dialogue with the customer as well as all production experts and subcontractors from the very beginning of the project. If desired, we also carry out the entire project management.



  • Preliminary design and conception
  • Lighting concepts
  • Product catalogues/ room programmes
  • Presentations ready for call for proposals
  • Consultation for assignements of subcontractors
  • Art direction/ supervision of works/ site management


  • Ideation/ Design concepts and szenarios
  • User analysis/ target group definitions/ market analysis
  • Design planning and engineering
  • Model making/ visualisation
  • Consultation of realisation/management of subcontractors


  • Ideation/ Conception
  • Brainstorming and innovation workshops
  • User szenarios
  • Product studies/ interior design studies