A new frame for the famous painting "Frühlingssturm" by Ludwig von Hofmann


The Institute Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt – currently hoping to be elected as World Heritage Site – came in 2016 to us with a unique request. A new picture frame was needed, not for just some picture but for an iconic Art Noveau work which happens to be of major importance for its time.

The original frame of the painting "Frühlingssturm" by Ludwig von Hofmann was lost sometime after World War II. The replacement was not really satisfying because the picture was obviously painted by the artist having a certain curved Art-Noveau-style frame in mind. So, the upper edges were simply filled with black paint because these would have been covered. Now these black parts were exposed given the shape of a usual frame.

Working closely with the owner of the painting and the Institute Mathildenhöhe we created a concept that takes in account the historic significance of the painting as well as it points to the future with its contemporary interpretation and state-of-the-art computer aided manufacturing.

The finished object is from its concept to its superior quality of execution an outstanding example of the approach and craftsmanship of Deutsche Werkstätten.

All works have been accomplished on behalf of Deutsche Werkstätten.


Category: productdesign

Photos and drawings: Gabriel Bensch