Mobil Metabolis


Diploma thesis (Gabriel Bensch)

In this cradle-to-cradle design concept the use of mobile phones is sold and not the product itself. All parts are modularised and the phones will be returned to the producer after a defined using period. There they will be disassembled and the modular parts will be reused in other devices. Because the manufacturer just lends the device for a fee to the user and gets it back it makes sense to only use materials and parts of highest quality to use these in as many product cycles as possible.

If the mobile phones and their parts are consequently recycled many ecologic and economic synergies arise. In the end there will be a product of better quality and revenues. The design concept was developed in collaboration with PTZ II of the technical University Berlin and Dr. Michael Braungart from Hamburger Umweltinstitut EPEA.

Category: concept